A lot male and female clients think they need rejuvenation around the mouth chin and neck area as these are the first signs of ageing but as you can see from this image it can all start in the cheeks. Having Dermal filler in the cheeks can elevate the lower region’s of our face providing a more youthful look. 




PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Facial now available – (Vampire Facial) 

Platelet rich plasma is produced by your own body. We will remove blood in the form of a regular blood test and then spin your blood in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma, we will the draw up the plasma that contains all the good stuff that we call LIQUID GOLD and inject or micro-needle it back into your skin to kick start your own bodies defence mechanism that will start to produce college, elastin and rebuild lost fibres in the areas treated. 




Vitamin B12 Vitamin C & Vitamin D Injections Now Available 


We can test to see if you are lacking in any of the above vitamins and can provide injections if you are low or require a boost to your immune system. for more information please contact the clinic @ Guys N Dolls 



High intensity frequency ultrasound

If you’ve tried our previous machine then you’ll love our brand new 4D Hifu Machine. Click on the services above for more information. 

Full Face rejuvenation, Skin tightening at its finest. Book now for a free consultation. 



For all our clients keen to get booked in for when we are hopefully reopening our salon doors, here is a step by step video on how to make any future appointments using our free online booking system. We hope this makes your booking experience as simple as possible. You can do all this on your iPhone.

Watch this and it will so you how easy it is to book all you future hair Beauty tanning appointments for free at a click of a button.

You can also book with us through Facebook, Instagram our website and ‘mysalonapp‘.







Our premium modern ergoline laydown sunbed is available to use now!!

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Cool Slimming (Fat Freezing)  at Guys N Dolls Click the image for more info.






Dermaplaning is the newest craze for exfoliation and we are proud to be practitioners in this field. Click the image for more info.




LED face regeneration
Helps control unwanted fine lines wrinkles and also tighten your skin.
Perfect treatment for acne scarring & uneven skin which may be caused by age or diet.



Fibroblasting is the newest procedure in skin tightening, stretch mark reduction or skin tag removal. if you would like to tighten any area of your body without a surgical procedure then look no further. Click the image for more info.




BB Glow is straight in from Korea, This is a semi-permanent foundation using mesotherapy. The results are endless so click the image for more info.




Hyapen in our new NO NEEDLE filler enhancement, If you are looking for a lip plump, frown lines, jowls or nasolbial fillers but hate needles then this is the
treatment for you!