I have been a loyal customer to guys n dolls for last 19 yrs, it is a highly professional modern salon with up to date stylists beauty treatments and much much more, not only can you get your hair styled but you can tan in there amazing sun beds and leg tanner which locally is the only one to me and I love love love the results and golden glow the tanners and excellent sun creams available give, the beauty treatments available are so many and with new lazier treatment for teeth and skinny wraps and the other facial and body treatments available I need not go anywhere else. The staff are always accommodating professional and polite and the salon manager/ owner Carrie is a truly successful business owner who is up to date with the ever changing fashions of hair and beauty, and always will do more than needed for her clients in a truly welcoming way. So guys n dolls is so recommended by me Thank you for keeping me beautiful!!