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Olaplex – The new hair strengthening product that is taking the UK by storm. This revolutionary product is the best product that has been released in the hair dressing industry in years. Using Olaplex whilst undergoing a chemical process has the potential to restore health of all damaged hair types, given that disulfied sulfur bonds are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services, Olaplex has been proven to repair the bonds whilst your colour is processing reducing damage by reconnecting the broken bonds. This is an add-on service that can be requested the next time you visit the salon. Olaplex can also be applied to your hair as an in-salon stand alone treatment so when booking your appointment for a cut, colour or even just a blow-dry make sure you demand that this service is added to your visit. It pretty much guarantees that your locks will feel softer, stronger and that your colour will last longer. Kim Kardashian swears by it, we swear by it, so should you….

Now available at Guys n Dolls Dartford
In Salon Treatment £30
Follow up Home treatment £30

Kim Kardashian is paid a lot to endorse beauty products. One product she is not paid to promote is Olaplex. That is because she genuinely loves it.
Olaplex - Dartford

Olaplex isn’t just another hair condition treatment. This system permanently rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that is broken during the chemical process. This is great if you have over bleached your hair over the years. Olaplex allows you to rebuild the strength and structure of your locks. This system allows the colourist to do the work that they would never dream of touching before.Go from black to blonde in one session…YES.
Olaplex is a three part treatment. The first two steps are done in the salon. The third part is a take home treatment recommended that you use in once a week. Just apply to damp hair, comb through and leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes then wash off as normal.
Olaplex can be added to your colour in the salon to allow your hair to be protected during the chemical process as well as rebuilding at the same time. There is an extra charge of £30 to your colour. If you decide to take the 3rd step the take home product is £30 and this can be used more than once.