So the secrets out, and we’re super proud of Dean! To celebrate the first 10 lucky clients will get a huge discount £135 for 1 ml of dermal filler

*** Check out his unbelievable Deal! ****

As you all know we was outsourcing all of our Aesthetics treatments, but due to popular demand, we have decided to take matters into our own hands! Over the last year, Dean has been training in all things aesthetics, for the people who know Dean you’ll all know that he is a perfectionist and he has now mastered the following treatments…

– Lip Fillers
– Naso-labial fold Filler
– Marionette Lines Filler
– Cheek Filler
– Jaw Line Filler
– Extra deep Naso-labial fold via cannula Filler

We want you to have the best of the best and the final stage is now complete after Dean completed his Advance Dermal Filler program. He is also now offering Anti-Wrinkle injections, Profhilo, Jalupro along with the following treatments.

New state of the art Fat Freezing machine in action in our clinic. Using all 4 paddles here great for those hard to hit areas.
⚜️ Stomach (mum tum)
⚜️Love handles
⚜️muffin top
We’re charging £49 per paddle, why not give it a try.
The deal is a minimum of 2 paddles to get the offer.
⚜️ Summer bodies are made now…
We also offer Cavitation & Laser Lipo which will speed up your body sculpting process.

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