Flabélos Concept

The concept is based on Newton’s Law of gravitation. The plates on the FLABéLOS move up and down at different speeds. Your body naturally tries to stabilise you. These amplitude changes and changes in speed increase the impact on the muscles and create more involuntary muscle contractions.

The tilting movement alternating continuously that results in muscle contractions and generates vibration impulses to you muscle. These impulses travel to the spinal cord along your nerves that controls the muscles for balancing movement. Head shake is minimised during exercise as the movement is absorbed in the pelvis.

FLABéLOS is one of the most popular whole body vibration worldwide. Over 2,000 health and beauty salons in the UK alone already use and recommend it. Backed by 40 years of scientific research FLABéLOS is the ultimate whole body vibration machine that gives your body the benefit of a one hour workout in just 10 minutes.

Single Session (1 x 10 minutes)   £4.00
1 Week Course (4 x 10 minutes)   £10.00
4 Week Course (1 x 10 minutes per day)   £30.00



Frequently Asked Questions

Can this machine be used by older people?

Yes, we have one client that has bought it and has 90 year olds using it, the lovely thing about FLABèLOS is that it is very low impact and you can go on it for 2 minutes a day to start with and you will feel benefits. It can also be used with the older person sitting on a chair and just putting their legs on the machine, this position is especially good for invalids and people that need to take exercise very easy. We would, however, recommend that they consult a doctor before use.

Can you lose weight with FLABèLOS?

Absolutely. How it works is that the machine causes you to be unbalanced by shaking you around, your inner ear will automatically correct this, so your muscles go into action on signals from your brain that you need to balance yourself. The muscles clench and unclench faster than normal to keep you balanced. When this happens your blood is forced through your body very fast and reaches your capillaries which open with the blood being forced into them. This is what causes the sensation of heat and especially in parts that need trimming down because simply put the blood in the capillaries heats up and starts to break down toxins and take fat with it. This ends up coming out through the urine and very often after using the FLABèLOS you need to go to the Loo.

Does it break down toxins?

Yes, it is inevitable that this will happen because of the blood reaching every possible area of the body very fast. This effect has another bi-product……it helps increase bone mass density, especially in the elderly.

How often do I need to use the machine to see results?

We would recommend using the machine 4 days a week for maximum benefits. A weeks course of 4 sessions should give you noticeable results in 3-4 weeks. If a months course is booked, which will allow you to use the machines for a maximum of 28 sessions over a 32 day period, this should give you results after 2-3 weeks. These results are determined on inch loss needed and will vary from person to person.