Laser Lipo utilizes the most recent advances in laser technology to deliver astounding inch loss results and it has built up scores of satisfied clients when used in clinical detox environments. Laser Lipo works by centering low level laser light on the body’s fat cells which then causes a chemical reaction which helps break down the fats in the body. It triggers a completely natural process of inch loss as the fat cells in the body decrease in size and the inch loss is usually achieved directly after a single session of treatment.

For Tired Eyes

Laser pens are placed around the eye area to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Two laser pens are used for this procedure:

Laser Pen One – Breaks down the fatty acids

Laser Pen Two – Tightens the skin under the eye to give the youthful glow and softens crowsfeet.

Tired Eyes





If you purchase 3 Treatments you will receive A Microdermerbrasion Facial for FREE This worth over £30 - Let's Get Skinny
1 x 10 minutes Treatment£30
2 x 10 minutes Treatments£60
3 x 10 minutes Treatments£90

For The Body

Laser padels are placed around the requested area to reduce the white fat cells which allows inch loss in that area. Pain free and fast results.

After your laser session it is advised you do high energy exercise, such as Flabelos which we have at the salon, 12 hours after treatment, to help breakdown the fat cells faster. Also drink plenty of water.laser-Lipo-sale


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