The Real Full Monty

Both programmes were aired this week. With so much impact. It was Sutton be a bit of fun but packed a massive punch.
So important to check your breast’s and testicles
For lumps. It may save your life. If you find anything see a doctor immediately.
After watching The Real Full Monty both men and women it shows how important it is for everyone to check themselves regularly and if you notice any changes to get them checked by your gp and not to leave it or ignore it. The program featured some moving stories and some great celebrities that bared all to raise awareness for this great cause. The show had people like Michelle Heaton who faced the terrifying decision to have a double mastectomy after finding out she has the BRACA 1 gene, it also has cancer survivors Victoria Derbyshire, John Hartson and Jon Partridge. These were very empowering programs and really makes you realise how important it is to check.
Such brave men and women. #THEREALFULLMONTY

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