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This is another great addition to The Brow Studio
In Guys n Dolls salon Based in Dartford 📍

Here’s what it’s all about.🗣👂🏻✍🏻

Defined brows is a 7 step brow treatment including waxing, threading and tinting to create a perfectly defined, contoured brow.

Firstly your brow artist will analyse your face shape and look at your brows. Then a shade of tint is selected to enhance the colour of each tint brow hair.
They are then shaped to compliment your facial features using wax and then sharpening the shape with thread.
Threading removes even the tiny white hairs around the brow area to give a really flawless finish. Your brow artist will then take a closer look to check for any strays that may need tweezing and any longer hairs are trimmed.
The finishing touch is to blend any gaps as well as possible.


Step 1: Cleanse the Brow Area.
Step 2: Analyse Face Shape.
Step 3: Tint Brows to Desired Shade.
Step 4: Shape Brows with Waxing.
Step 5: Threading.
Step 6: Tweeze and Trim Any Stray Brow Hairs.
Step 7: Soothe with Aftercare Balm and Blend Gaps.

Please note this is NOT a permanent procedure. You can expect the results to last 4/5 weeks depending on your individual hair growth. ‘Blending’ will not permanently fill gaps or replace hairs if you suffer from hair loss.

If this is a problem you suffer from please speak to Bridie about semi-permanent hair-stroke eyebrows.
Eyebrows are so important they frame your face
And say so much about you. Conference, Appearance, Maturity, Empowerment. Show your eyebrows some love and they will take care of everything else. 😏

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