The Art Of A Curly Blowdry

Curly Blowdrys are one of the most popular styling services. A curly blowdry does not only get you a gorgeous bouncy curl. It gives you lots of thickness and volume. This service is one of the most on trend services you can have all week through not just the weekend. Many people wonder how you create this type of look, so here is a little review on our blowdrying services here at Guys N Dolls.

First of All- We will give your hair a full cleansing wash and a deep condition. This is because we need your hair to be completely clean and washed with our top branded Wella shampoo and conditioner. Due to our shampoo and conditioner being such high quality this will make the base of the hair fresh and silky.
We will then towel dry the hair and apply a range of styling products such as our leave in conditioner by Revlon and our GHD root lift spray, this helps to keep the condition of the hair smooth and silky throughout your service and a full root lift with lots of volume.
I then beginning to section the hair and start to blowdry using my median size roller brush and my hair dryer with the nozzle. I then blowdry each section with a lot of power by using rolling ,twisting and lifting techniques. This not only creates a lot of volume, it creates a beauty soft curl. As I make my way around the hair, setting each section with a pin to hold the curl in until I have completely finished my hair service.
As I reach the top I put a lot more time into making the top layers have a lot of volume. So once my blowdry is complete It will sit with a lot of bounce. Once my blowdry is complete and the head is full with pin curls, I then start from the bottom and make my way to the top by unpinning each section and releasing the curl. I then use a Mythic Oil, which tams any fly away hair and also gives each curl softness, shine and full glam.

The Final Stage- Once all the hair sections have all been unpinned and twisted to perfection, so they lay with a soft smooth look. I then add some soft movement hairspray by Schwarzkopf. This will hold the curls and volume. Then we are at the final stage of our service, we need to loosen the curls by giving the hair a shake, I tend to get the client to tilt there head back why I run my fingers into the curls as well as performing a shaking movement with my hand why I do this. This allows all the curls to separate and fall into perfect place. This will also give your final look lots of volume, beautiful curls and lots of bounce.

This service is only £25 and available 24/7 within our salon, our specialist is always around to fit you. For any more information or bookings please contact the salon or pop into see us. We are open 7 days a week.

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