Spring Waxing

After a long cold and frosty winter, we cant wait for spring… Spring is the season between winter and summer. When the weather becomes warmer, the leaves and plants start to grow again. You also may find that throughout winter you didn’t do any waxing because you was all wrapped up that it didn’t matter. Well now its starting to get warmer each day and we are nearly going into spring, its not only the plants and leaves that will be out in the open and growing..

Now is the time that you start to get on top of your waxing, by removing that unwanted hair that you don’t want. As well as feeling hair less, your hair will become softer and finer after each waxing appointment, which will benefit you by the time you reach summer. The regular routine of having your waxing done every 4-6 weeks, will equal in reduced hair growth. Which will leave you hair free for longer after your waxing.

When you have your waxing done the hair is completely removed from the follicle. This will been that your body will have to start the hair cycle again. By shaving your growth cycle will be different for each hair so you will not be completely smooth after the first wax. You may also experience some hair growing back quicker then other hair. But we advise that you leave these hairs and the next time you come in for your waxing appointment they will all come out together so will achieve a smoother and longer lasting result, it usually takes between 3-4 treatments to get the hairs all growing together, as long as you leave them in between. We also advice that you don’t shave for 2-3 weeks before your first waxing appointment the longer you leave the hairs the better the results.

We use Peron Rigot Hot wax for all our intimate waxing. It is not only the best top wax around, it is designed to grab even the short hairs so you will achieve a soft and smooth area. It also doesn’t leave the skin red and is lovely and gentle even on those sensitive areas.

So now is the time to get on top of that waxing ready for summer. So pop into our salon now or give us a call and get your appointment booked. We do a whole range of different waxing services for every part of the body.

Dolls Waxing- Eyebrows, Nose, Upper Lip, Chin, Under Arm, Upper Lip & Chin, Half leg, Full Leg, Half Arm, Full Arm, High Leg Bikini, Brazilian, Hollywood.

Guys Waxing- Eyebrows, Neck & Throat, Hands, Feet, Toes, Ears, Nose, Shoulders, Underarm, Half Leg, Full Leg, Chest, Back, Buttocks, BSC ‘Intimate’, BSC & Buttocks ‘Intimate’.

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