What is a Pedicure? Pedicure-Manicure
A Pedicure is a Beauty Treatment that we offer at Guys n Dolls.
Its a treatment on your Toes & Feet.
It’s a similar treatment to a Manicure but for your Feet.
Firstly you have a nice warm soak in a foot spa. To soften all hard/Dead skin. Have a little relax.
Then push back all the cuticles from the top of the nail removing all dead unwanted Skin to help the natural Nail to grow and look neat. Then the nail is filed and shaped in to desired shape.
We then buff and file all hard skin away from your heel. Then a Beautiful Foot Massage.
Choose a bright Summery Colour or Natural Nude as Kim Kardashian has this week. We have lots to pick from.
We also offer Gelish which is s gel overlay that is placed over your Natural Nail.
Top notch treatment for the coming season.
Everyone who is anyone has a pedicure. Get that spring in your step with our relaxing Pedicure.
Basic Pedicure £16.00
Luxury Pedicure £30.00