Diamond Whites Home Whitening Kit


Kit Includes:
Easy to use instructions
2 x Non-peroxide syringes
Activator spray
Mouth tray
Whitening pen
Whitening toothpaste


Diamond Whites now at Guys n DollsDiamond White Home Whitening Kit
Guys n Dolls are really excited that we are now stockist of the UKs leading cosmetic teeth whitening company’s amazing home use products.
The home whitening kit is a non peroxide teeth whitening formula that has been tried and tested by thousands of customers worldwide. You will start to see results immediately, although they will vary from user to user and depending heavily on lifestyle and oral hygiene.
The process is simple and is designed for anyone suffering from discolored teeth. Our teeth whitening kit will remove tobacco, tea, coffee, red wine and most food stains.  All this can be done in the comfort of your own home, with the whole process taking less than one hour.
You will love the low cost, ease of use and long lasting results.


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