Micropigmentation ‘Hairstroke Brow’

Welcoming a New Treatment & New Staff Member
Bridie to Guys n Dolls Hair Beauty Tanning Salon. Bit excited ??
She is proud to have carried out her training at Nouveau Contour – KB Pro.
She use the digital machine and needle method also known as
micropigmentation for longer lasting results. Unlike Microblading, using a
super fine sterile needle to implant the pigment into the upper layers of the
skin, mimicking your natural brow hair, enhancing the shape or replacing
hair where it may not have grown back as a result from things such as over-plucking or even illness.
Typically recognised as ‘Hairstroke Brows’Bridie uses a award winning KB PRO pigments.
During a consultation we will work together to create your perfect brow.
Colour is selected based on your underlying skin tones and not necessarily
on your hair colour!Semi Permanent Micropigmentation May need
A top up if required 4-6 weeks after initial treatment.
*No Additional Charge*• £50 deposit required upon booking•
* Patch test required.Costing £300
Please contact the salon for more information

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