Kim Lawless Wax

Kim Lawless also known as The Wax Queen is a small company with a huge personality based right here in the UK has now launched her own wax, Kim has spent the last few years with developers to create the best wax, both strip and hot wax. Her wax has been so successful she now has a Warehouse to keep the stock so she can keep up with the demand!! It has been featured in many articles and tv programs including The Guardian, Lorraine, Daily Mail, ES Magazine, Cosmopolitan, ENEWS, Marie Claire and BBC to name a few.

Kim Lawless has focused on creating an impeccably crafted wax that will enhance Louisa’s working life and the clients experience during their wax treatment.


The Mother of all Strip Waxes

This strip wax has been created with professional waxers in mind. Kim has made it so that it applies thinner and will even remove short tougher hairs, and will remove the hair first time, it even has a great smell with notes of Angelica and Tuberose which helps to leave you with no after sting.


Damn Fine Hot Wax!

This is Kim’s Hot wax, it has been designed to set immediately so will speed up your appointment, There is no such thing as a pain free waxing but Kim is thrilled to hear her clients say that Cockney Rebel hurts much less or even not at all. This wax will also give you a fantastically smooth finish, Technique and a great product go hand in hand which is why Louisa has been on Kim’s training to up here knowledge and learn a new way of waxing. Some people will say that wax is wax but it’s not, you really do get what you pay for in life and working with Kim great wax has made Louisa’s day so much easier and stress free.

Both of the waxes are Lanolin free and we are pleased to say that we are now using both waxes here in salon

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