Kendell Jenner’s Acne Taunt

The 75th anniversary of the golden globes took place in Beverly hill on the 7th of January. Stars flocked to the Beverly hills Hilton hotel in their designer gowns walking the red carpet looking glam! One of those stars was Kendell Jenner, 22 year old sister of Kim Kardashian. Kendell looked stunning in her semi sheer black mini dress with legs to die for! Despite Kendell looking absolutely jaw dropping as she walked the red carpet she has received some negative comments and has suffered internet trolling due to her acne. Kendell recently blogged about her struggles with acne stating its knocked her confidence and has given her insecurity’s. Many of us suffer from acne for many different reasons, Here at Guys N Dolls we offer a microdermabrasion facial which has proven effective to combat acne and acne scarring. This facial uses a diamond tip probe which uses suction and light skin abrasion which gently and effectively clears pours. The microdermabrasion facial doesn’t cause any damage to the skin, it removes a very fine layer of skin which contains no live cells. A study was performed in which 96% of patients said they would recommend the facial to others. As well as treatment for acne microdermabrasion facials are used as a quick convenient way to restore smooth, younger, fresher looking skin. Microdermabrasion facials are just £35 for a standard facial or £40 for a deluxe facial!

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