Defined Eyebrows

What are Defined Brows?

Defined brows is a very popular 7 step treatment to create amazing power brows.

1⃣ Shape to your face
2⃣ Tint to required shade
3⃣ Wax
4⃣ Thread
5⃣ Tweeze
6⃣ Trim
7⃣ Cleanse

A patch test is required for the eyebrow tint.

What are the benefits?

Not only are you getting the precision of threading but with the additional waxing you are guaranteed to have every tiny unwanted stray removed. The tint then enhances the shape of your brow darkening every hair to your required shade. You can be sure to have perfectly defined eyebrows for around 3 weeks before the tint fades and your natural brow hair regrows.
Bridie will analyse your face shape and determine how to shape your brow to best compliment your face and eye shape.

Get your Eyebrows on point…

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