Wow didn’t see this coming.. Jacqueline Jossa / Osborne and Dan Osborne, are expecting there second child. And with Dan Osborne already having a little boy himself. They have added another little cutie into the family. The star stated ‘When Four becomes Five’ on her Instagram Account this week. But what is most exciting is that Jacqueline is already 6 months pregnant! How did she hide that on the set of EastEnders? And with many rumours that Jacqueline was leaving the EastEnders set because she was entering the Big Brother House for 2018.. But everyone was wrong and this was the actual reason why she didn’t. Jacqueline plays Lauren Branning from EastEnders, she is the daughter of the nasty mixed up Max Branning. After the amazing episode that hit out TV screens on Christmas, which showed herself and her sister Abbie falling off the top of the famous pub in Wolford The Queen Vic. We couldn’t wait to see what the outcome would be.

So now we all know the reason why she has left, and what amazing news on why she left.. With Jacqueline and her husband Dan Osborne, who was apart of another famous show on our TV screens ‘Towie’ You are bound to know who they both are. With both Jacqueline and Dan now moving on with their life’s away from the TV screens, you may see them about.. With Dan recently opening a brand new Tattoo studio near to our salon and you also may see them out and about down Bluewater or the local towns. With there 2 little children.
Congratulations Jacqueline and Dan, Love from Guys N Dolls.

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