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We take copyright very seriously at Guys n Dolls. We get automatic copyright protection even if we have not put the copyright symbol on our pictures. Whether they are marked or not we still have the same level of protection.

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Microblading Feathertouch Brows

You may be asking what is microblading? Microblading is a method of applying semi permanent make up. Microblading is done by manually inserting pigment into the upper layers of the skin to give the impression of fullness and shape to the eyebrows. A manual blade that is made of tiny small needles gives a crisp and sharp, realistic hairstoke that is realistic.
Semi permanent makeup involves having pigment implanted into the epidermis using a fine needle. This is similar to a tatto but the process is less painful and the ink used is usually mineral based and the results are not permanent. Numbing cream is used to aid any discomfort.
When it comes to having microblading the technician will take a few measurements on your brow bone to make out the perfect shape for your brows. They can be altered to the desired shape you are looking for. Not everyone is after the same shape or effect. Everyones needs are different. If you have lost your brows through over plucking or due to treatment then this is perfect for you. The colour of pigment will be selected depending on your skin tone and whether you are after a natural look or something so quite so. The process usually takes between 2 to 2 and a half hours in total and at least one touch up will be needed to get your final result after the healing process. The healing process is relatively quick usually about a week but the final results may not be visible until several weeks after your appointment because of how the skin heals underneath the surface layer. The results will not wash off or run down your face in the rain like your brow pencil and will last for a couple of years but can be maintained and kept for longer with touch ups usually once a year.
Microblading £180.00
Microblading 6 Week Top Up £50.00
Microblading Colour Refresh Yearly £100.00

Free consultation and patch test prior to your treatment.
Fully qualified and insured technician.

Men’s Hair at Guys n Dolls

The men that come in to our chairs always want to look their best. That’s why they come to us regulary. We think we have stepped up the game when it comes to men’s hair. We will offer grooming tips to help you get the most of your hairstyle. You don’t just have the option for a Dry Cut £12. You can have the full works. Wash, Cut, Blowdry and Style £15.

I think of my clippers as an eraser. I take baby steps slowly erasing the hair away in small sections so I don’t take too much off. As once its gone its gone. Getting the perfect fade is so important. It makes your work stand out from the rest. We are not just some barbers that take your hair off and your crown at the same time. I want you to walk out the salon and your friends ask ‘where did you get your hair done’.

Men’s hair is available 7 days a week including late nights on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Easter Sunbed Deal

As you know we love to give you the best deals. This Easter we are giving the gift of a golden tan for the Summer. Grab a 30 minutes Sunbed Course for only £10. Stock up with as many as you would like to buy. You get 12 months to use your minutes. There is no reason to be pale this summer. Take a little holiday on our Lay Down or Stand Up Sunbed. Close your eyes and dream of laying on a hot beach in some amazing country. If you are lucky enough to have booked your Summer holiday then start slowly building your base tan before you go. Allow enough time to build your base slowly. Starting on lower minutes and then slowly lengthening your time. Here at Guys n Dolls we will always give you the best advice as to tanning as we can if you’re sunbed newbie.

Sunbed Courses
30 Minutes £12.50 Easter Special £10.00
60 Minutes £24.50
120 Minutes £40.50
180 Minutes £57.50

Hello April

We have reached the month of April and today the sun is shining. Let’s hope this is the start of a really good Spring and an even better Summer.

Free Shellac
Have a Luxury Pedicure £30 in April and get FREE Shellac polish. Your feet needs attention this time of year. I bet they have been neglected over the Winter in your Ugg boots as you get out your Havaianas.

Easter Opening Hours
Good Friday 9-4
Saturday 9-5
Easter Sunday 10-3
Easter Monday 10-3

Bank Holiday Sunbed Sale
Of course we always like to treat you at Easter so we are offering you a 30 minutes Sunbed Course for £10. What an Eggtastic offer!!! Buy as many as you want and save up your minutes. You get 12 months to use your minutes.

Spray Tan
If sunbeds aren’t your thing or you need a quick fix then book a Spray Tan. We use a high quality solution that doesn’t streak or go orange. If you’re short on time then we do a solution that develops in only 1 hour. Full Body Spray Tan £20.

Teeth Whitening
Don’t forget we have our Tooth Booth. Using UKs leading brand Naturawhite we can get lift of up to 12 shades in only 60 minutes. Get your best smile on. Non Sensitive. Non Peroxide. Best Price.

Spring Hair
Are you thinking of going Blonde? Are you bored of your hair? Are you looking for a change? If you answer yes to any of these questions it’s time to book your free consultation with one of our Eggcellent Stylists and take the first step to being hair happy.

Guys n Dolls
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Stone Dartford
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Beauty therapist at Guys N Dolls

Hi I’m Louisa, our Beauty therapist here at Guys N Dolls. I have been qualified in beauty for over 18 years!! Im trained in the full range of beauty treatments.
I really enjoy shellac nails, there are no treatments that i don’t like doing and as i do the full range of treatments i have a variety booked in!!!
I have experience in all aspects of Male and Female waxing, if there’s hair there i can remove it!!!! I use both hot and strip wax,

In my spare time i enjoy going to the gym and watching films, i also love reading, crime and thrillers are my favorite!! I have a 3 1/2 year old son so most of my time is spent with him and my husband, we enjoy going to the park, playing football, and going to the zoo. My family are a really important part of my life

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Treat Your Mum Everyday

We all know it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday. How many things has she done for you over the years? Millions I guess. Think outside the box this Mother’s Day and treat her either Friday 24 March 2017 or Saturday 25 March 2017 at Guys n Dolls. We have some great Beauty offers that are just irresistible. Ranging from Shellac Nails to Mini Massage. Get 3 treatments from the list for £30 or 4 treatments from the list for £40.

If you are a Hair or Beauty client on Saturday 25 March you also get a free glass of Prosecco. How lush is that?

If you’re not sure what she will like then purchase a Gift Voucher for any amount you require. Just pop in the salon and purchase from reception.


Are Your Brows Selfie Ready?

Selfie obsessed? Yeah we know you all are. You’ll be snapping selfies everywhere. Bored on the bus, chilling at home or heading out out. But are your brows up to the selfies? Upgrade your brows from a wax and tint to a semi permanent option of Microblading which allows you to ditch the brow pencil. Your mobile’s camera is awesome but can be lost in the intensity of your selfie. Microblading can fill bald patches. They can change the shape of your brow if you have over plucked over the years. You can get short, sharp natural strokes as well as a powdered finish from this amazing new technique. Microblading is a game changer when it comes to your selfies.
Microblading is a lengthy treatment and can take a few hours. You will be numbed up before the treatment to get rid of any discomfort. Your first treatment costs £180 and you will need a follow up appointment after the healing process which is normally about 4 to 6 weeks after. At this appointment any pigment that is rejected by the body will be redone. This follow up top up costs £50. You will be given after care instructions which is really important to get the most out of your brows. Call the salon to book your appointment on 01322 272330. Patch test will be needed prior to your appointment.

Blonde Ambition by Wella

Here at Guys n Dolls we see colours and tones slightly differently. It is really important that a colourist is able to communicate with their client at consultation to visualise the same colour and tone the client is asking for. Blonde is not just blonde anymore. Colour has come a long way with many colours and tones to even a blonde shade.

Blondes are always on trend but this season there’s a diverse range of beautiful colours falling into the blonde range. They can be icy, cool blondes or soft warm shades. Pale honeys and dusty pinks or even tones of opal, nude beige and rich salted caramels. If you’re unsure what to ask for then bring in some pictures of what you like.

Hair colouring techniques now can define the face by contouring to enhance your facial features just like the world of make up. Freehand panelling allows the creation of soft and sunkissed looks or a more bold and prominent result. What ever blonde tone you want to create Wella brings limitless options along with the knowledge our stylists have to bring you the perfect, personalised blonde.

If you would like to book your hair appointment at Guys n Dolls call 01322 272330

Happy St Patricks Day

St Patrick’s Days is celebrated by many of us even if we have no Irish heritage.  Its always been known to be a good celebration.  Many people wear an item of green clothing. Parties featuring Irish food and drink and many foods dyed green as part of the celebration. Kids indulge in sweets and of course adults indulge in a pint of Guinness in the local pubs. I’m sure Dartford is going to be packed with staggering Irish celebrations.  Local pubs will enticing us in with traditional foods such as corned beef and cabbage, beef and Guinness pie, Irish potato champ and of course Irish stew.

To help you get ready for your night out why not make an appointment for Shellac Nails. Friday 17 March 2017 we are doing a St Patrick’s Day Special for £12.