Wow didn’t see this coming.. Jacqueline Jossa / Osborne and Dan Osborne, are expecting there second child. And with Dan Osborne already having a little boy himself. They have added another little cutie into the family. The star stated ‘When Four becomes Five’ on her Instagram Account this week. But what is most exciting is that Jacqueline is already 6 months pregnant! How did she hide that on the set of EastEnders? And with many rumours that Jacqueline was leaving the EastEnders set because she was entering the Big Brother House for 2018.. But everyone was wrong and this was the actual reason why she didn’t. Jacqueline plays Lauren Branning from EastEnders, she is the daughter of the nasty mixed up Max Branning. After the amazing episode that hit out TV screens on Christmas, which showed herself and her sister Abbie falling off the top of the famous pub in Wolford The Queen Vic. We couldn’t wait to see what the outcome would be.

So now we all know the reason why she has left, and what amazing news on why she left.. With Jacqueline and her husband Dan Osborne, who was apart of another famous show on our TV screens ‘Towie’ You are bound to know who they both are. With both Jacqueline and Dan now moving on with their life’s away from the TV screens, you may see them about.. With Dan recently opening a brand new Tattoo studio near to our salon and you also may see them out and about down Bluewater or the local towns. With there 2 little children.
Congratulations Jacqueline and Dan, Love from Guys N Dolls.

For Great Waxing Results Follow These Simple Rules

Before and after care routine is just as important as the actual waxing treatment itself!! Following these does and don’ts can be the difference between a good waxing result and a Fantastic waxing result!!

Prior to a waxing treatment:

So you have booked a wax, here are a couple of tips to lessen the pain and increase the longevity of being hair free.

Make sure your hair is long enough to remove completely from the roots, it should be at least ½ cm , about 2 weeks after last shave, if you have shaved the area with in the last couple of weeks it will take a few waxes to get your hair into a cycle of growth that allows the most effective wax

Exfoliate regularly in between waxing appointments, this will reduce ingrown hairs and removes the dead layer of skin so all the hairs are ready for waxing.

Moisturise every day, this also help prevent ingrown hairs and if the skin is hydrated hairs are removed easier.

After a waxing treatment:

You have invested time, money and a little discomfort in order to be hair free so it makes sense to look after your freshly waxed skin!

Immediately after your wax if is normal to have a little bit of redness, this will go down after few hours. As waxing removes the hair at the root it is important that you keep the area clean and bacteria free, this mean :

Avoid heat for 24 hours, this includes hot baths, saunas, sunbeds and sun exposure swimming etc

No perfumed products on the area for 24 hours, including deodorant, tan and make up

Avoid touching the area

Put that razor down!! NO shaving or epilating between appointments as the hairs will not be long enough and will all be growing at different times

How long will your waxing last?

If its your first time after shaving or are an occasional waxer you will probably notice some hair growing within 2-3 weeks this is due to the naturally staggered hair growth cycle, this will be about a third of the hairs and soon after the remaining hair will begin growing after regular waxing you will be hair free for 3-6 weeks, after a few waxing sessions the thickness of the hair will be finer and softer and also slightly patchy.

Here at Guys N Dolls we offer head to toe waxing for both men and women, including full intimate areas using both strip and Hot Wax. Louisa our waxing specialist is fully qualified and highly trained in all aspects of beauty including men’s intimate wax training by Jack Dunn in London

Kendell Jenner’s Acne Taunt

The 75th anniversary of the golden globes took place in Beverly hill on the 7th of January. Stars flocked to the Beverly hills Hilton hotel in their designer gowns walking the red carpet looking glam! One of those stars was Kendell Jenner, 22 year old sister of Kim Kardashian. Kendell looked stunning in her semi sheer black mini dress with legs to die for! Despite Kendell looking absolutely jaw dropping as she walked the red carpet she has received some negative comments and has suffered internet trolling due to her acne. Kendell recently blogged about her struggles with acne stating its knocked her confidence and has given her insecurity’s. Many of us suffer from acne for many different reasons, Here at Guys N Dolls we offer a microdermabrasion facial which has proven effective to combat acne and acne scarring. This facial uses a diamond tip probe which uses suction and light skin abrasion which gently and effectively clears pours. The microdermabrasion facial doesn’t cause any damage to the skin, it removes a very fine layer of skin which contains no live cells. A study was performed in which 96% of patients said they would recommend the facial to others. As well as treatment for acne microdermabrasion facials are used as a quick convenient way to restore smooth, younger, fresher looking skin. Microdermabrasion facials are just £35 for a standard facial or £40 for a deluxe facial!

New Staff Member at Guys N Dolls

Guys N Dolls are pleased to announce we have a new staff member joining our team, Carl..

Carl is a 5* rated colour expert and hair extension specialist. He has also been ranked the 4th best mobile hairdresser in the UK out of 2100 people. With over 200 client reviews on his website and a full portfolio of his work that he has done on a huge verity of clients as well as celebrities. Carl is also known for his outstanding work with celebrities. With over 7 of the most popular TV shows, Carl has been a part of making sure all the stars hair is on point. From working 4 years in a row with Big Brother, being a part of the Towie, Love Island ,Ex on the beach and Geordie Shore team. To Bird of a feather and I’m a celebrity and many more. As you can see carl has had a lot of experience in making many of his clients look amazing. With Carl also specialising in all types of hair extensions and all aspects of Hair dressing, so he is here and ready to take on all your hair services. Carl is originally from the south but has ben working in Manchester and Liverpool for the last 10 years but he is now based in London. We look forward to all our lovely clients meeting our new stylist.

Kris Jenner’s Dramatic Hair Change!

62 year old Kris Jenner has undergone a dramatic change! The keeping up with the Kardashian star and mum to Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian and younger daughters Kindle and Kylie Jenner has recently gone from dark brunette to bright platinum blonde. Following in daughter Kim Kardashian footsteps Kris took the plunge with the new year new me attitude and underwent a total transformation.

Do you fancy a big change to start the year with a new you? Our not to be missed, limited time only, January colour sale is on! We are currently offering half price colour when booked in with a cut and blow-dry. If you look good, you feel good so make 2018 your best year yet!

Laurens Eyebrow Disaster

Lauren Goodyer has taken to social media to express her embarrassment as she has managed to wax off her own eyebrow!! The 30 year old ex TOWIE star had attempted to do the beauty treatment herself using self-waxing strips which ended in disaster. Lauren has also decided to transform her look by changing her hair colour from blonde to dark, with many saying she’s trying to look like former partners new wife Michelle Kegan!

Here at Guys N Dolls we have two level 3 trained beauty therapists and we are open 7 days a week so avoid self-treatment disasters and let one of our beauticians pamper you! An eyebrow wax is just £8 or a wax and tint is £15. We offer unisex waxing at Guys N Dolls from eyebrow waxes to intimate hot waxing!

Sunbeds Are Good For You

Top cancer doctors are saying you should have a sunbed session!

The mail online published a statement from top cancer doctors saying you should have a sunbed session. He states that the ‘health benefits of UVA rays and UVB rays greatly outweigh the disadvantages’ UV rays have many heathy benefits if used in moderation.

Some of the benefits of using tanning beds.

Vitamin D shot – The purpose of sunbeds where originally designed for medical reasons. Sunlight is the best way to boost vitamin D. Vitamin D helps promote calcium absorption, improves bone growth, increases modulate cell growth, improves neuromuscular and immune function and helps to reduce inflammation as well as helping to fend of common colds and flue. The newest studies also show that vitamin D can help combat cancer.

Metabolic boost – Reasonable exposure to UV rays are known to boost the metabolic system as per studies. UV rays release nitric oxide which is sad to help against diabetes and obesity.

Mood stabiliser – Studies have shown that sunbed users have reported to feel more balanced, better satisfied with their appearance, less nervous as well as many other benefits!

Dermatological treatments – Studies have shown improvement in conditions such as acne, severe atopic eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and mycosis fungoides.

Confidence – Having that summer time glow on your skin helps you feel confident and more satisfied with your appearance.

Tanning beds should not be used by under 18s and should be used with care. It is also recommended that you use tanning creams while tanning on sunbeds so you can decrease your sunbed usage while maximising your tan.

Here at Guys N Dolls we have 2 stand up sunbed and a laydown sunbed. Each have high powered fans and are regularly cleaned and maintained. We have a wide range of sunbed creams in either sachets or bottles and a selection of either tingle, bronzer, accelerator and intensifier elements. We offer free cold filtered water from our water machine, free deodorant and free protective eye wear.

This month only we have an unbeatable sunbed sale off for just £15 for 60 minutes. This offer is available throughout January only and you may purchase as many of the hour courses as you like so why not stock up on these minutes to use throughout the year!! All sunbed courses must be used within 12 months as they expire after this time!

Alexa Take Down The Xmas Decorations!

Alexa is the new thing for 2018. Its an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon. Alexa is capable of voice interaction, making to-do lists,  music playback, setting alarms, playing audio books, providing lots of important daily information such as weather, traffic and news. So after a busy Christmas and everyone getting Alexa under their Christmas tree. I’m sure things will run with less stress now Alexa is a part of the family. With Alexa being able to do so much for the family,but I’m not sure putting the Christmas decorations away is one of them. So once everything is packed away, why not pop into our hair, beauty and tanning salon and treat yourself.

Alexa is one of the most technology up to date gadgets which can develop a huge verity of services, such as our unisex hair beauty and tanning salon which has hit the ground, running into 2018. We are also one of the most up to date equipped salon, with not only the latest branded services to offer our clients but we also hold one of the most up to date, client database records for our lovely customers. This holds all information, the system texts your phone with appointments and more. We have not only recently revamped our salon system but we are also looking into a brand new app for our clients to personally book their appointments themselves.

Watch this space …

Hello January

Hello January

Hello January… After a very long year we are finally at the start of 2018. With a new year and a new start for some people, Guys n Dolls are here to help. Why don’t you start the new year with a pamper and what better way to pamper yourself than here with us to start the year with a little glam. Our salon offers male and female hair and beauty services 7 days a week. Make 2018 the best one yet!

New Year 2018

The team here at Guys N Dolls would like to wish you all a happy and healthy 2018. Thank you to all our clients old and new for your support throughout 2017, we would not have been able to achieve what we have without you and what a year 2017 was for Guys N Dolls, we now have an amazing team made up with new staff members, a fresh new salon renovation and we have seen a influx of new clients as well as our loyal support from our existing clients, We certainly ended 2017 on a massive high and are well and truly looking forward to seeing you all in 2018.

January Sunbed Sale

Warm up with our sizzling hot January sunbed sale!! We are offering an amazing deal of a 60 minute course for only £15!! Saving you a whopping £9.50 and you can buy as many courses as you like, so stock up and start the year with a little artificial sun. We have one lay down and two stand up sunbeds, we are renowned for how hot our beds are and this is achieved with regular servicing so you will never be disappointed with your tan. So don’t forget to pop in and take advantage of this amazing offer before it ends.


After a busy 2 weeks of parties, family roasts, late night snacks and too much alcohol, I’m sure you’re all ready to get back into shape? Our famous flabelos vibrating toning plate is the way forward. Why not book a course on our machine, How does it work? Flabelos is a vibrating plate which you stand on, it then begins a seesaw like action which sends a sequence of vibrations designed to stimulate muscle walls encouraging toning and weight loss. Our machine has many programs to help combat certain areas to achieve your desired goal. So no more panicking about signing up to the gym for £40+ a month as we do an unlimited monthly course for only £25 and each session is only 10-20 minutes long. Flab to Fab here at Guys n Dolls.

Fat Freezing

After a busy few weeks of naughty foods and drinks, I’m sure you’re ready for a detox to lose them extra lb’s for the summer. We are offering a free diet vitamin testing to check what your body is lacking and what it needs. When purchasing a session of fat freezing. Once we have done the test we will simply combine a fat freezing session that will help combat weight loss..

Within just 3 months you will see amazing results, and guess what? You won’t need to put any hard work in apart from eating a little healthier. Fat freezing is an amazing option for a quick way to get rid of excess fat. There is no pain involved, which makes this treatment so successful. Its a non- surgical liposuction treatment designed to damage your fat cells to such an extent they can be flushed out of your body naturally.

1 area – £50.00

2 area ‘s – £90

Cavitation – £35.00

Fat blinders plus vitamin A,D and E £29.95

50% Off this January

To start the new year we are offering all our lovely clients old and new 50% off of all colouring services (excluding Colour Correction) when purchased with a Cut & Blow Dry. This is our biggest offer yet and we are certain this is going to get snapped up so book in now to avoid disappointment.

Fat Freezing- Cryolipolysis

The new year is finally here and what a better way to kick start 2018 than on a slimmer note. With many new years resolutions being made, why not choose to get in shape and loose some weight? After a few long weeks of naughty foods and drinks, maybe a detox and some weight loss is what your body may need to start the new year? Well your in luck, because our salon is offering you the chance to loose that extra weight and get you ready for the year.

We are offering a free diet vitamin testing to start you off. This will check what your body is lacking and what it needs.Once we have done the test we will simply combined a fat freezing session with will help combat weight loss.

Fat Freezing s an amazing option for a quick way to get rid of excess fat. Fat Freezing- Cryolipolysis is a non- surgical liposuction treated that is designed to damage your fat cells to such an extent, that they can be flushed out of your body naturally. There are many benefits why Fat Freezing is the one to choose. Starting from seeing amazing results within just 3 months. There is no need to join the gym or put any hard work in and there is no need to join any slimming sites to get the weight off, such as Slimming world, Juice Plus, weight watchers, Herbal Life and many more. You would need to put a lot of time and effort into sticking to the plan as well as adding fitness into your routine to receive the weight loss. This can become very hard to fit in with some peoples life due to work, children or general daily life routines.

So no need to panic if you don’t have the motivation or time to choose a slimming plan or attend the gym. With our salon offering amazing prices for 1 and 2 areas, as well as cavitation and fat blinder plus vitamins you can choose from. You are able to loose that weight you want to loose and get in shape ready for the year 2018. So no more worrying that you don’t feel comfortable in that little black dress anymore or your not ready to pop into that bikini, ready for your summer holidays. Guys N Dolls are here to help. So pop into our salon or give us a call to arrange your Fat freezing session and get slim for 2018.

1 area – £45.00
2 area ‘s – £90 .00
Cavitation – £35.00
Fat blinders plus vitamin AD and E £29.95