Treat Your Mum Everyday

We all know it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday. How many things has she done for you over the years? Millions I guess. Think outside the box this Mother’s Day and treat her either Friday 24 March 2017 or Saturday 25 March 2017 at Guys n Dolls. We have some great Beauty offers that are just irresistible. Ranging from Shellac Nails to Mini Massage. Get 3 treatments from the list for £30 or 4 treatments from the list for £40.

If you are a Hair or Beauty client on Saturday 25 March you also get a free glass of Prosecco. How lush is that?

If you’re not sure what she will like then purchase a Gift Voucher for any amount you require. Just pop in the salon and purchase from reception.


Are Your Brows Selfie Ready?

Selfie obsessed? Yeah we know you all are. You’ll be snapping selfies everywhere. Bored on the bus, chilling at home or heading out out. But are your brows up to the selfies? Upgrade your brows from a wax and tint to a semi permanent option of Microblading which allows you to ditch the brow pencil. Your mobile’s camera is awesome but can be lost in the intensity of your selfie. Microblading can fill bald patches. They can change the shape of your brow if you have over plucked over the years. You can get short, sharp natural strokes as well as a powdered finish from this amazing new technique. Microblading is a game changer when it comes to your selfies.
Microblading is a lengthy treatment and can take a few hours. You will be numbed up before the treatment to get rid of any discomfort. Your first treatment costs £180 and you will need a follow up appointment after the healing process which is normally about 4 to 6 weeks after. At this appointment any pigment that is rejected by the body will be redone. This follow up top up costs £50. You will be given after care instructions which is really important to get the most out of your brows. Call the salon to book your appointment on 01322 272330. Patch test will be needed prior to your appointment.

Blonde Ambition by Wella

Here at Guys n Dolls we see colours and tones slightly differently. It is really important that a colourist is able to communicate with their client at consultation to visualise the same colour and tone the client is asking for. Blonde is not just blonde anymore. Colour has come a long way with many colours and tones to even a blonde shade.

Blondes are always on trend but this season there’s a diverse range of beautiful colours falling into the blonde range. They can be icy, cool blondes or soft warm shades. Pale honeys and dusty pinks or even tones of opal, nude beige and rich salted caramels. If you’re unsure what to ask for then bring in some pictures of what you like.

Hair colouring techniques now can define the face by contouring to enhance your facial features just like the world of make up. Freehand panelling allows the creation of soft and sunkissed looks or a more bold and prominent result. What ever blonde tone you want to create Wella brings limitless options along with the knowledge our stylists have to bring you the perfect, personalised blonde.

If you would like to book your hair appointment at Guys n Dolls call 01322 272330

Happy St Patricks Day

St Patrick’s Days is celebrated by many of us even if we have no Irish heritage.  Its always been known to be a good celebration.  Many people wear an item of green clothing. Parties featuring Irish food and drink and many foods dyed green as part of the celebration. Kids indulge in sweets and of course adults indulge in a pint of Guinness in the local pubs. I’m sure Dartford is going to be packed with staggering Irish celebrations.  Local pubs will enticing us in with traditional foods such as corned beef and cabbage, beef and Guinness pie, Irish potato champ and of course Irish stew.

To help you get ready for your night out why not make an appointment for Shellac Nails. Friday 17 March 2017 we are doing a St Patrick’s Day Special for £12.

7 Things To Know Before You Wax

Getting smooth skin for the summer is great but using a bad salon is not so good as you could end up with a nasty infection. Don’t forget to research the salon by googling, asking friends and checking out reviews. Check the beautician is qualified and insured to be doing the procedure. Here at Guys n Dolls all beauticians are fully qualified and insured. Clean couch roll will be used for every client and hands will be washed and gloves used for all intimate waxing.

Avoid drying products before you wax as people have varying levels of skin sensitivity. Products containing retinol ingredients can make the skin more sensitive than normal and can make the skin prone to burning after waxing.
Avoid booking your appointment the week before or during your period as your body’s most sensitive to pain. The best time to wax is within the first two weeks of your cycle.
Pain proof yourself if you’re a bit of a wimp. This is great for bikini area, eyebrows or armpits. Get yourself some numbing cream from the chemist and take a couple of painkillers before you come. After the procedure try using an aloe based cream as this reduces the burning sensation.
Don’t hit the gym immediately after waxing. Sweating increases your risk of spreading bacteria.

Botox & Filler Clinic this week at Guys n Dolls

Botox & Filler Clinic this week at Guys n Dolls. Based in Dartford. Close to Bluewater shopping centre. Performed by Medical Experts Fully Qualified & Insured and Trained in Harley Street London.

Botox/Filler fit for a princess 👸🏻.

Subtle Changes but what a difference.

Look fresh less tried.

Good enough for Princess Catherine. What a picture.

Both our experienced Nurses have over 28 years in this business. You’re in safe hands. Value for money but no scrimping on quality of product. The filler we use is Juvederm and The Botox Anita wrinkle injections is pure Botox.

We advise a two week check up appointment to see if you need any top ups.

Botox Prices

1 x Area £195

2 x Areas £220

3 x Areas £250
Filler Prices

1/2 ml £180

1 ml £270
Open 7 Days with Hair Beauty Tanning all under one roof. Established over 23 years. Just refurbished our salon. Free & easy Parking.

Independent Women Using Wella Hair Colour

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Over Expectations and Reality of our Clients

Once again we feel the need to educate our clients on the realities of hair colouring. Sadly, we have had a few clients lately come in for a consultation with very high expectations because of Instagram and Facebook and TOWIE. I hate to say it but we have had quite a few clients actually get angry with our staff when they are told that we can not achieve the look (usually the lightness) on their hair. You can see it on their faces, they look at the colourist as though they are lying, crossing their arms, exhaling, even rolling their eyes. No we are just letting you know that sometimes you can’t always have what you want. Your hair is not going to look like that in person. Your hair type is completely different. You have put so many box dyes on that you have far too much build up.

Despite our talents, our high education levels and our obsession with pushing ourselves to the limits – we can not and never will be able to defy the laws of science. I can say with great confidence that if we say we can’t do something it simply can’t be done. You can not reject the fact that your hair will be orange when lifted – sadly these are not opinions, they are facts. You can not reject the fact that your hair will disintegrate when pushed to the limits – again that is science.

I know its frustrating to see these pictures, I feel for you. But its no different to seeing fitness models on instagram. To look like them I would need to dedicate myself to a long journey of time and money. It would certainly not happen in an afternoon it would take years of patience and investment. And lets be honest even if I did, would I look like an Instagram fitness model? Probably not. It also depends on the starting block. Going to a colourist when you have over process your hair, not used good products and when your not willing to invest your time and money is the same as going to a PT overweight with a chocolate bar in your hand asking to look like Kate Moss by the evening.

Clients we love you but please please trust our judgement. We are here to help. Not just take your money and wreck your hair.

To Bang or not to Bang?

That’s the question on everyone’s lips this season. What are we talking about some of you might be asking or looking at us strangely… we are talking hair trends. Let’s talk bangs.

Blunt, full, whispy, to side sweep, retro or curly there is a bang style for everyone. Bangs can change your long style into something a little bit more glam. Add a roller before a night out and get that big bang look for longer. This season bangs are sophisticated with a bounce and a curly blow dry.

Bangs can make you look younger. They conceal flaws and can wipe years off your face and enhance your best features. The only trick your stylist needs is to nail the right bang for your face shape. Basically its all about the face architecture.

A Touch of Summer at Guys n Dolls #Wella #Freelights


Sunkissed Hair – Your New Natural Hair Look for Spring/Summer 2017

Natural looking, sun kissed hair is always in demand by women – it’s that younger, frivolous touch of multi-dimensional colour, that makes you look both fresh and ready for summer.

Come into Guys n Dolls to try the new Wella Professionals Blondor FREELIGHTS.

Blondor FREELIGHTS offers a fresh way to achieve new levels of natural looks as if they were created by sun, wind and sea. Dean from Guys n Dolls, comments “I can now achieve sunkissed looks without the use of foil and the end result offers me a new level of precision and blending. I get the colour just where I want it from a visual perspective”.

Had your Natural Balayage colour already? Why not turn the colour up even more and try out these three fashion forward summer looks including, Berry Fizz (Raspberry) Beach Spray (Golden) and Peach Parade (Peach). Just ask for Wella Professionals Color Touch Relights, a quick colour service which adds a splash of colour, perfect for summer weekends away and rocking out at festivals. What are you waiting for? Summer has arrived at Guys n Dolls salon.

“There is a softness to the result, colours are more blended rather than strategically placed as with foil. My clients want something that is totally on trend, FREELIGHTS allows me to create light effects just where I want them”. Says Dean, from Guys n Dolls.

To book your colour consultation and appointment call Guys n Dolls on 01322 272330 or visit

ü Up to 7 levels of lift
ü Reduced swelling* for precise and accurate freehand highlights
ü Superior* Flexibility for easier mixture spreading during freehand bleach techniques