Celebrating the new £10 note release

The New £10 note!!

So the new £10 notes are now in circulation! The new Jane Austen notes are the 1st notes to feature a woman on the back of the note, The Jane Austen note has been released to celebrate the 200th anniversary of her death. Like the new £5 notes these notes are made out of tarrow which is in fact animal fat!!

Here at Guys N Dolls we are celebrating the release of the new note with some amazing not to be missed offers!

£10 off Microdermabrasion facials
A microdermabrasion facial is a treatment that renews skin cells and gives yor skin a healthy fresh glow. Its a pain free treatment and is ideal for those even with sensitive skin.

£10 off Lash lift and tint
A lash lift is a natural way of enhancing your lashes making them look longer and thicker and can last up to 8 weeks.

10% off all men’s and women’s waxing!
We offer both male and female waxing here at Guys N Dolls, From intimate waxing to eyebrows at competitive prices.

Be sure to book in while the appointments are available!!

New Season ‘Autumn’

Are you ready for Autumn?

With autumn just around the corner there are many reasons why we can’t wait. Wrapping up in warm clothes, wondering when to turn the heating on. Getting dressed up for Halloween, whether for a night out or trick or treating. Cosy nights in, wrapped up watching movies. Bonfire night & fireworks. So much to look forward to…

Why not try something new?

Always wanted to try waxing, but never had the patience to grow your hair? Autumn is the ideal time to start, with jumpers, long sleeves & trousers it’s the perfect growing season and we all know that waxing is far better than shaving. During the Summer, many times you may have wanted to try it and succumbed to the razor on a hot day… Well now there is no excuse!

How about a pedicure? Your feet that you have exposed to flip flops all Summer with your nails always painted, have taken a battering underneath. Get your feet ready for Autumn & Winter with a luxury pedicure to soothe & soften. Bliss…

Fancy a change with your hair? Colour or Style?
Why not start the new season with our Autumn reds or copper tones created using a Balayage or Ombre technique or even tone the bright summer hair down and go for a soft caramel/brown ready for autumn?
Perhaps a nice big bouncy blowout to compliment the new colour choice or even just for a night out over the party season?

Go on treat yourself… New Season New You!

Christmas and New Year Appointment Book Now Open!

Autumn is fast approaching us leaves are due to fall in 4 weeks, Crisp mornings will be with us in 8 weeks and we will be putting our christmas lights up in 12 weeks! Wow this year has gone fast. This means October half term, Halloween, Firework night, Christmas parties and new year are going to be upon us before we know it so be organised! We have a new computer system installed now so you can book your appointments with ease. Book now to avoid disappointment as over the last couple of weeks we have had to turn so many people away as we have been so busy and we hate doing that! So get your hair cut and colours booked. Wella have released some beautiful autumnal tones to warm up any set of highlights if you feel you have gone to light over summer. You can spoil yourself with a new olaplex treatment if your hair has dried out on holiday. If the sun has now gone down on your summer you can book a natural pigment spray tan we don’t do orange in Guys N Dolls!! Get your gel Shellac nails booked in ready for those parties as it’s now an essential part of a ladies routine, new treatment we are offering this autumn is our glitzy chrome nails. You have to see it to believe it, it’s amazing!
Obviously if you are thinking ahead and want low hassle Christmas shopping you can come in store and buy our gift vouchers!
I cannot stress enough how you need to pre-book your Christmas and new year appointments as we have already had lots of bookings!!

Hello September

Back To School Hair Cuts!
 It’s the end of the 6 week summer holidays,so while you’re making sure your children’s pencil cases are fully stocked up ,new school bags and shoes are bought and you have organised your week’s lunches for the little darlings ready to put in their brand new sparkling lunch boxes. Make sure you don’t forget to book your childrens last minute hair cuts before the return to school with under 10’s only £10!! Or for a extra £5 book your little girls a cut and blow dry.
Bronzed Holiday Skin.
 Have you seen the latest photos of Holly Willoughby showing off her bronzed skin on holiday?? Haven’t got a holiday booked this year to get your bronzed skin? Well don’t worry, why don’t you just pop into our salon and book one of our sunbed courses and have a mini 3,6,9 or 12 minute holiday. Use our lay down or stand up sunbeds and get a relaxing break in the heat and work on your own bronzed skin without flying on holiday. Our courses range from 30 mins for £12:50 to 180 mins for £57.50. Always use a cream when on the sunbed as you will always go darker faster. 

Weight loss for strictly. 

Our favorite show is back on our TV screens and with all the latest gossip from who is dancing and the judges line up to the amazing weight loss of one of the dancers herself Gemma Atkinson. Her goal was to loose a few pounds before the show started the show. Do you wish to lose a few inches off your waist??? Why don’t you book a Flabelos course. Starting from £4 for a 10 minute single session up to a unlimited 1 month course for £25. No need to go to the gym for several hours each day, just pop into the salon and work on your own weight lose by just standing on our flabelos wobble board or even have a consultation for our fat freezing services. No more worrying about not losing them extra pounds for an event,just pop into our salon.

Holiday Season Countdown. 

With the most wonderful time of the year and the big new year celebrations not so long away, while you are planning your christmas list for family and friends and how you would like to enter the new year. Don’t forget to get your hair and beauty treatments booked in! From our range of high quality colouring services and big glamorous bouncy blowouts to our highly recommended beauty treatments including waxing and tinting as well as our amazing very trendy gel nails or the latest trend, Chrome/mirror nails to sparkle your way through the party season. Enter the holiday seasons looking and feeling like a million dollars and enjoy the seasons to be jolly!

Back to school kids cuts

childrens hairdresserAre you organised? Don’t leave it to the last minute. Book your appointment for the small people as they are back to school in a few weeks. You’ve bought the school shoes, ordered the uniform but don’t forget  the haircut to make your child look smarter,neat and tidy. First impressions count!! At Guys n Dolls we offer under10s dry cut.  If you would like more of a style we can wash cut and blow dry.

Start the new school year off with a perfectly cut hair style for your child.

Back to school kids cuts

Hello August!

Hello August!

So Carrie has finally been dragged into the 21st century, albeit kicking and screaming!! We have a new computer system!!! We will be taking all our clients details when they book in for appointments, purchase products and sunbed or Flabelos course to make future bookings quicker and easier! Due to quite a few no shows recently we have amended our cancellation policy,Any missed appointments or appointments cancelled in under 24 hours will be charged at 40%. The new system now alerts us to any previous no shows when we book you in for any future appointments,after the 1st missed appointment we will take a deposit on future bookings and if a second missed appointment should happen we could refuse to rebook you any further appointments.

Annual price increase..

Its that time again, we will be putting our prices up on the 1st of September. Please ask at reception if you have any pricing queries. We only use the best products here at Guys N Dolls and we are making some exciting changes over the next coming months to make sure your experience with us is second to none!

On a brighter note!

With the august bank holiday fast approaching we have some amazing offers coming up, be sure to keep your eyes peeled!!! So we are almost halfway through the schools 6 weeks holidays, are you wishing time would slow down or are you like me, counting the days until they go back?! Take some time out of the craziness and have some you time with us here at Guy N Dolls, lighten your mood and your hair with a half head foils and a cut and blowdry from £75.
Preparing for that summer holiday? Our talented beauty therapist are offering gel nails hands or feet for just £15 each! Why not get yourself a quick pre tan on our sunbeds. We offer courses or individual minutes and have both high powered stand up sunbeds and a luxury laydown sunbed. We also have a range of creams on offer to help you tan faster and for your tan to last longer, We have both sachets and bottles available.

Fabulous Flabelos!

We have made changes to our Flabelos course, whereas our month course was limited to 28 uses per month,they are now UNLIMITED! Flabelos is perfect for those who would like to lose inches but don’t have the time for gym commitment or the financial ability to be contracted to a lengthy gym contract.


Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend & How Dehydration isn’t! by Karen

Up to 60% of your body is made of water. From 10% content in body fat to 73% for the brain and 83% for the lungs. Water is needed for overall good health, every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to survive.

Your body uses water to maintain its temperature, remove waste, and lubricate your joints.

A reasonable goal for most people to drink daily is 6 to 8 half pint glasses of water each day. If you are concerned that you are not drinking enough water, check your urine. If your urine is usually colourless or light yellow, you are well hydrated. If your urine is a dark yellow or amber colour, you are dehydrated. You lose water when you go to the bathroom, sweat, and even breathe. You lose water even faster when the weather is really hot, when you are physically active, or if you have a fever.

What is the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin?

Dry skin lacks oil, dehydrated skin lacks moisture. When the face suffers with dehydration, it gets confused. It believes it is dry, proceeds to produce oil but the skin is thirsty & traps the oil under the skin. Blackheads become incredibly hard to remove. This can happen at any age so before you treat yourself or your child for spots & acne, DRINK MORE WATER!!

Just 2 weeks of drinking 6-8 glasses or more a day will improve your skin immensely, try hot water with half a lemon squeezed into it in the morning & maybe a cheeky half teaspoon of honey for the ultimate morning detox. Try making a large jug of filtered water with 3 lemons sliced, half a cucumber sliced & 10 leaves of fresh mint for a refreshing drink at any time of the day. Just leave in the fridge or decant to take to work. Or try herbal fruit teabags.

A common reason I hear as to why people can’t drink that much water in a day is that it makes them get up in the night too often!

Consider this… If you have a dried out plant that is wilting through lack of water & you pour water on it, most of it will just go straight through. BUT if you pour the same amount of water on a plant that is regularly watered hardly anything will run straight through. Just look at the plant I rescued from the salon the day I took it home and 3 weeks later!!! So once your body is hydrated, you will go to the toilet less!

After 2 weeks, treat your poor abused face to a microdermabrasion facial.

Diamond microdermabrasion is a safe and gentle procedure with no downtime, often referred to as the lunchtime facial. A diamond tipped wand is used on the skin for facial rejuvenation along with suction to exfoliate and sweep away the outer layer of debris & dead skin cells from the epidermis. Safe for use on all skin types from teenage to mature skin. Benefits include stimulating circulation & cell renewal, reducing fine lines & wrinkles, minimises appearance of large pores, refines skin texture & improves conditions such as clogged pores, acne, scarring & sun damage.

So drink lots of water & come and get a microdermabrasion facial with Karen our Holistic Beautician for £25 from the 1st August every Tuesday & Wednesday. That should give you time to drink that water!!! And we will show you what we get out of your skin 🙂 do.

Princess Diana, 20 years on

Many of us will be tuning in to ITV tonight to watch the 90 minute film to mar the 20th anniversary of her death.
Princess Diana born 1st July 1961 to John spencer and Frances Shand Kydd was born and raised in park house on the Sandringham estate. Her father gained the title of Earl Spencer in 1975 when Diana then became known as Lady Diana Spencer. 
In 1980 Ladi Di started working at London’s Young England Kindergarten where she worked as a nursery school assistant. She met her future husband in 1977 when he was dating her sister Lady Sarah. The couple announced their engagement to the world in february 1981 where Lady Diana was given the Sapphire ring by prince charles which has since been given to kate middleton by her now husband prince william. Just 5 months later on 29th June 1981 Lady Di and Prince charles married at St Paul’s Cathedral which was watched on screen by over 750 million people. During her marriage to Prince Charles Lady Di earned the title of Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay ans Countess of Chester. They honeymooned on the Royal Yacht Britannia. On July 2nd Princess Diana gave birth to the couple’s 1st child William at St Mary’s hospital. Later on September 15th 1983 their second child was born, Another son, Prince Harry. Dianas marriage to her husband Prince Charles ended in divorce on 28th August 1997 after they announced their separation on 9th december 1992 due to alleged infidelity on both sides where Prince Charles admitted to his affair with his now wife Camilla Parker Bowles. 
After an almost 2 year relationship with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan in 1996 which ended in 1997 with both Diana and Hasnat claiming to have ended the relationship Diana then meet Dodi Fayed, son of Mohamed Al-Fayad, just one month after the break up. They holidayed together in Saint Tropez in july 1997.
As well has her busy private life Diana continued her work. She worked with AIDS victims and opened landmark Aids centre in london in the 1980s working alongside Nelson Mandela, She was also the patron of HALO trust an organisation that removes debris from landmines which had been left by the war. She also worked closely with the Royal Marsden Cancer trust and various other charities and welfares. 
On 31st August 1997 lady Diana was fatally injured in a car crash in the pont de l’alma alongside her current boyfriend Dodi Fayed and their driver Henri Paul. There was a huge debate of the cause of the crash with officials saying it was fault of their driver Henri as he was under the influence of alcohol but many believing that it was a set up by the MI16 and the Duke of Edinburgh.
Tonights program will see Dianas 2 sons Prince william and Prince Harry speak out about their mum along with other close friends and family included Sir Elton John. William and Harry tell their heartfelt story of the moment they learned about their mums death and spoke out about their life with their mum princess Diana.
Princess Diana was a huge style icon with her many hairstyles stealing the headlines especially that 1989 hair cut when Lady Di had her hair cut short leading many to follow in her footsteps!
Do you ever feel like you want a complete change? here at Guys N Dolls we can give you a complete haircut restyle for £35. Why not have a change of colour to complete the transformation. An all over tint with a restyle from just £70 or half a head of foils with a restyle from only £78!!! Be a style icon yourself with a new you!! 

The new £10 note has been unveiled!

The current paper £10 is the oldest bank of England design in circulation. The new polymer note began production last august and has already printed 275 million but and is set to hit our cash machine in September this year! the new ‘Jane Austen’ banknote is said to be smaller than the current £10 but larger than the new £5. It has been said that the new £20 will follow in 2020 but there is no plans to produce a new £50.
The reason we have seen the paper notes going out of circulation and being replaced with the new polymer notes is because they are said to be more durable, cleaner and more secure.
Here at Guys N Dolls we only use top of the range products but are constantly on the look for the new best thing on the market, but we will not scrimp on quality or performance. With products and treatments constantly improving we strive to offer you the best of the best!!
Even though the bank of England have decided to change everything about the £10 note, here at our salon we like to hold on to some good old trusted brands and favorites.
The hair colour we use here is multi award winning Wella. Wella was founded in 1880 by Franz Stroher, their head office is in Germany but they ship worldwide. They won total beauty awards in 2012 and in 2016 they won favorite lightener for foil highlights, favorite lightener for balayage and hand painted highlights!
Wella came from humble beginnings as did Carrie, owner of Guys N Doll. They both started off with a small business and have boomed over the years to become the successful striving business they are today!

Did you know…

The new polymer notes contain beef tallow which is a hardened fat from around the animal’s kidney, stomach and other organs!!

Make it Don’t Break it

It’s a busy time for us all with the children very close to schools breaking up for the year and those summer holidays booked & organised packed and ready to rock. We know it’s a stressful time and chaotic to say the least, you can be forgiven but our appointments for both Hair Beauty Tanning are filling up fast!!

We understand that sometimes things come up and you cannot attend your appointment, If for any reason you cannot attend your appointments please let us know as far in advance as you can so we can offer the time to someone else as we often have a cancelation list!! Our time is money
Make it Don’t Break it
Can’t make it Don’t need it Cancel it.
It’s all about your appointments at Guys n Dolls