A Winter Warmer Winner

A big congratulations to the local Kent girl Lizzy Yarnold who amazingly won 2 gold medals this year at the winter Olympics. Not only is she such a huge credit to our country for winning 2 golden medals it just shows that you can do anything you put your mind to.

This week the star has appeared all over our social media sites and the internet. Posing with her giant golden medals that catches everybody’s eyes. With her huge smile from ear to ear and the excitement and happiness that she send across the nation we couldn’t be more proud. Lizzy Yarnold is only 29 years old. She Joined the National Great Britain squad 8 years ago. This will be her second time winning gold medals, as she amazed us all back in 2014 when she received her first win. She is not only the most successful British winter Olympian she is the most successful Olympic Skelton of all time. Skeleton is a winter sport that involves the competitor that rides head first lying face down on a flat sled. You then run on a ice track that allows the sled to gain more and more speed by gravity. Lizzy has also stunned the world with her set track recorded in the final heat of the race with an amazing time of 51.46 seconds.

The winter Olympics may be held in a different country but right now our country is filled with winter, snow and ice. With a huge verity of City’s and Town being affected with the snow and low temperatures. We could have held the Olympics here?? As each month passes it seems to be getting colder. But Guys N Dolls are here to help. Despite the cold snowy wet weather our salon is open 7 days a week to fit you all in for your appointments. Not only are we open for hair and beauty we are open to keep you warm. With our 3 hot hot hot sunbeds all up and running ready to keep you all warm in this cold weather. Our salon holds a verity of courses available to buy or if you would like just a quick warm up, then single session minutes are also available.

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