3D Microblading at Guys n Dolls

New to Guys n Dolls in the amazing Feathertough Microblading Eyebrows. Get the brows you dream of. Wake up in the morning and don’t worry about filling in your patchy eyebrows with pencil. Get the brows you deserve. Weather you have over plucked over the years or would just like a fuller brow then this natural semi permanent technique is perfect for you.
All our products are 100% genuine and only use Biotouch products. We buy our products from a reputable importer so no fake chinese copies here. Biotouch is the best pigments on the market without a doubt.
Microblading is a hand technique that uses fine needles to break the skin, replicated hair stokes. A pigment is embedded in the skin.
After 4-6 weeks healing time you will need a top up treatment to add any strokes that may have been missed or not taken. The healing process is really important. A special cream is given to you to apply 2/3 times a day for the whole healing process. This will stop them scabbing to much and most important if there is scabbing DO NOT pick them off as you will pick out the pigment.
Unlike Eyebrow Tattooing using a machine. Microblading doesn’t go as deep into the skin’s layers. This giving you a less permanent eyebrow. So you are not committing that brow shape for life.

Call the salon to book your appointment now or just a free consultation if you would like to discuss the treatment.
Patch test is needed prior to treatment.

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