3D Brows


You will end up with Fresh and Neat Brows with our new treatment Micropigmentation Hair Stroke Eyebrows by Bridie our new SPMU Therapist. Bridie May be new to our salon but not doing performing this service. Bridie is Fully Qualified Insured & Experienced in this digital pen system. This system insures individual hair strokes lines on and around the eyebrow to form a fuller detailed new eyebrow shape.

This is perfect for the lady or gent that has over plucked in your younger and destroyed your own eyebrow shape. This may mean that you have to daily penciling in or regular salon visits for eyebrow tints & HD brows. Well if you come in and visit Bridie for new brows you won’t have to worry anymore.
This is semi permanent service that lasts up to five years. The tattoo type process is pain free as Bridie put anesthetic cream all over the brow area. So don’t stress.

I think Eyebrows are the making of face. They frame it so nicely. Your make up will look on point
With the fuller more solid brow shape.

Your eyebrow game could be strong , this will make you fill more confident and create a softer look around your eye area.

So in no time everyone in and around Dartford Kent will be competitively trying to get the top award of the eyebrow queen for the slightly older sister Mum auntie and the eyebrow princess for the younger lady. You must over 18 to have this treatment done.

This is NOT Microblading, we do not cut your skin with blades. Micropigmentation lasts longer.

Deal price £250 this includes a free six week top up.

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